International Recruitment Services

 Approhire provides comprehensive HR services and recruitment solutions to help our clients optimize their human resources potential by leveraging our unrivaled expertise in professional recruitment principles and a thorough understanding of international human resources recruitment processes.


The search for top talent may need the recruitment of specific expertise from outside the country. Since we are a global company, we have placed job seekers worldwide.

  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • Russia
  • CIS Countries
  • Korea
  • Japan
  • Europe and more

Our International Staffing Solutions


Approhire frequently include immigration guidance in our recruitment packages for potential and current clients. Additionally, we offer a variety of value-added services, such as:


Personnel Advisory Services


The following phase is a selection test, either oral or practical, by the employer or their authorized representative after the potential candidate has been selected. To ensure that the applicant arrives at the location on time, we make all necessary arrangements, including transportation, lodging, etc.


Our policy is to use a panel of experts to help us choose and test potential employees for both technical and professional positions, and we do it under the close supervision of one of our professional executives.


A Huge Candidate Database


Approhire has an extensive database of both skilled and unskilled workers in India. We regularly update it to offer the best possible delivery in the shortest amount of time.




Advertisements are also placed in the top English and regional newspapers across India and in the local media of the cities where they are advertised.

Additionally, we post our client's needs on the most popular job platforms to ensure maximum exposure.


Assist with Visas


Being familiar with the peculiarities of international recruiting allows us the ability to provide fast and reliable services. Your visa will be processed quickly (even overnight), precisely, and professionally thanks to the experience gained from processing millions of travel papers.


Examine Your Health


Approhire ensure that the individual is physically fit for the job, following immigration standards and rules set forth by several corporate entities. We do the medical check-up, and we ask the candidate to go to a recognized medical center and take the necessary tests. A comprehensive examination at our end saves a lot of time and hassles in a foreign country.


Customs and Protocol at a Consulate


Submission of Passport and other needed documentation for Visa stamping is made after we get Visa Documents from our clients.


Ticketing and travel plans


We take care of all of the candidate's details for both our client's and the candidate's advantage at all times. Thanks to our extensive network and strategic alliances, we can help with round-trip tickets, lodging, and all of the associated paperwork. We also secure "Emigration Clearance" from the relevant government department for the candidates. To ensure that employees can travel on time, the company can reimburse us for any necessary travel expenses.


Program for New Employee Induction


A pre-deployment orientation session helps candidates become familiar with essential components of the prospective organization's work culture, industrial practices, safety concerns, and labor laws to start their new job with as little time as possible.


We have a responsibility to the candidate since we are the go-between and facilitator. Consequently, we provide them with the resources and training they require to have a successful journey. For this customer, we put up a special package that includes the best value in terms of pricing as well as service and knowledge.



How does Approhire accomplish this?


  • For international placements in all major fields of employment, we have a comprehensive database at our disposal.
  • Approhire employs seasoned professionals that have a deep understanding of the global economy.
  • Many international recruitment consultants rely on us for immigration and international law assistance.
  • As an extra benefit, we enjoy friendly relationships with various stakeholders, including airlines, travel agencies, government agencies, and other consultants.