Indian Recruitment Services

Approhire also provides domestic personnel placement services because India has one of the world's most significant reservoirs of human capital and thus many job opportunities. While adhering to our "Ethics First" philosophy, we provide excellent services to our customers and job seekers. Our personnel are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to take advantage of cutting-edge technology while also having a strong desire to see their efforts pay off. We will only work with individuals who possess the highest education, training, and experience to serve your needs best.

  • Admin / HR Staff
  • Sales / Marketing
  • Finance / Accounts
  • Purchase / Logistics
  • Engineering Jobs
  • IT / Software / Automation
  • Medicals / Pharmaceuticals / Biotech/span>
  • Robotics
  • Nuclear
  • Education / Counseling

Domestic Recruitment Services by Approhire


With our extensive connections and a comprehensive database of more than 1,000,000 potential Approhire employees in a wide range of fields:

  • IT professionals
  • Sales executives
  • EDP managers
  • Export executives
  • Computer operator
  • Receptionist
  • Technical staff
  • Secretaries
  • Engineers
  • Accountants
  • Purchase officers
  • Production managers
  • C-level positions and more

An incredible amount of people are looking for work.

Shortlisting, Choosing, and Assessing Candidates


The screening tests are conducted by highly qualified individuals who are well-versed in the market operations and requirements of numerous industries. We can handle the selection process with the assistance of industry experts and HR professionals. This will allow you to focus on finding the perfect person for the job and save you a substantial amount of time.

Making arrangements for an interview schedule


A personal interview follows a candidate's selection from among the shortlisted contenders. To accommodate both parties, we work out a mutually convenient time for both parties to meet.


Assurance and policies from our side

  • Anyone who quits within three months of starting is guaranteed a free replacement.
  • Payable within 15 days of joining the company, our service fee is 8.33 percent of annual gross compensation plus service tax.

Other HR Related Services

Approhire can also provide the following services to our domestic clients because we have the necessary resources and knowledge about many elements of employee and organizational behavior:

  • Creating a System for Evaluating Employee Performance Managerial and supervisory training for front-line salespeople (such as skills in direct sales or consultative selling or channel selling or a price negotiation, etc.) or dealers/network managers (such as sales leadership, sales administration, or dealer management)

Training on time management and the use of the product

Training for employees' behavior