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Time to spend with me via the telephone and Zoom calls in order to determine if a team is the right fit for my organization. Our company YRT is a startup. We wish to match TikTok creator talent with major US brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken and other major consumer brands. Our website is developed in FIGMA and you can see it here:


WE need the website completed. Another developer spent six months working on it and never finished same at


We need multiple people to assist our efforts to provide a vehicle for TikTokers to upload their profiles and favorite videos to our site. You should understand TikTok and their Creator Marketplace. You should have a good understanding of TikTok - and social media in general. We need daily communication between the developers and our Houston, Texas headquarters. Our whatsapp is ************** to verbally communicate. We are looking for someone, or a team of people who understand our plan and can help make it a reality. The concept is fairly simple - matching brands with TikTok talent. The job requires the development of the website as well as all email, registration, phone registration, sms text confirmation.

Skills Required:

devis  eric
devis eric   6 Years
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6 years
$1,500.00 in 10 days
$1,500.00 in 10 days

i can do it efficiently.

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