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The simple reason of this project is to develope a web as a platform and mobile applications in which customers can be provided with a comprehensive solution,whichthey can use in booking and services/product from us the provider,such as clothing line,resturant,online eatry,sport,and others The service providers can register themselves in the system without any help from our office but online..List there servicealong with item slots and manage all the booking themselves and get paid the project: Development of 2 Android, 2 iOS applications (Customer and Provider), 1 web application (platform), 1 Superadmin panel I believe as a developer you should know the main features of the system you should add,please come up with your bids and let me know

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devis  eric
devis eric   6 Years
Digital Marketer
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  • Copywriting
6 years
$1,500.00 in 15 days
$1,500.00 in 15 days

I can do it efficiently.

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