Nike account Generator

Looking for a freelance developer who can write me a script based on the following criteria:


- Create a script for Windows using Python


- This script will generate hundreds to thousands of Nike SNKRs accounts and verify each of them with a different UK/US phone number.


- On the second page of the account creation, it asks you to verify the account with a UK phone number. (I know UK phone numbers providersand i will provide you with the numbers)


- You can take a look at the account creation process here:

 (Press "Join/Log In" at the top right corner, then "Join now.")


- Each account should get automatically verified through text-verification. This is crucial.


- The first and last name for each account will be randomized


- The email will be created using a random prefix(the letters before the @) and will be set to a specific postfix (domain)


- It should also support gmail, using the + and . trick do that all emails will be directed to one account. 


- The password will also be randomized 


- I will need to be able to select the country that will be set to each account


- Date of birth (16+ always) and gender will also be randomized.


- I need to be able to run this out of my command line at anytime. If you are able to create a configuration file where I can put in the domain postfix, the number of accounts I want to generate and the country, that would be great.


- The program must be able to support proxies!


- It doesn’t matter to me how you write this, I just need to be able to run it without any problems.


- You will also need to be able to provide me with assistance after the project is done and tell me how to set it up and run it. 


If you have any questions please message me.


If you’re interested in working with me, please message me. Preferably good english.

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