New Non Profit Web Design and help with ongoing site, landing pages etc.

I am looking for someone who could create a sister site to the one I already have. It was made in oxygen and unfortunately the program recommended has been very very challenging not responding to emails, or having the ability to meet any deadlines.I am not a fan of oxygen but it was recently created.  I am totally easy going so I always give plenty of time and totally understand delays happen but no communication is very difficult. Therefore, I am also looking for someone who can maintain and update my current site throughout the month. I need a developer to help with landing pages and driving up traffic to my site as well.  The new site is and will cross over to my current site as it will be a non profit. i know you will have many questions and would like to have a chat if you are available to see if there maybe a fit.

devis  eric
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$1,500.00 in 20 days
$1,500.00 in 20 days

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