Multiligual Marketplace website/app (B2B, B2C, B2B2C)

Dear developers. We wish to engage with a qualified and experienced developer for the design and development of a marketplace platform with website and app engagement channels for B2B, B2C and B2B2C electronic trade of products and services. The Website/App should have the following functionalities: 1- Differentiation of various customer and supplier rankings 2- Access levels with different pricing for various customers 3- Able to sort and find suppliers based on location and geography. 4- In platform Trade Intelligence providing Suppliers with global trade analytics 5-Inplatorm Business Intelligence 6-Highly versatile and Scalable Database of Suppliers and Customers 7-Scalable Database of Products and Services with attributes, Categorization, pictures and videos and documents 8- Various banking and merchants payments systems using multicurrency 9- Various reporting functionalities 10- Various advertising and marketing functionalities for suppliers and products 11- Multilingual capabilities for CMS panel 12- Multilingual Capabilities for product and supplier’s definition 13- CRM system 14- In-system communication for ticketing, mediation 15- Enhanced logistics and product delivery verification and tracking 16-Ability to undertake data analytics and data mining 17-Any other enhancements and competitive advantage We wish to use reliable, robust, and simple technology. If potential subcontractors are interested please provide the following documents: -Resume and CV of Company and Key Personnel -Relevant detail Experience of similar projects and role in project -Please include a performance requirement analysis and recommend the necessary technology -Please include recommended features and breakdown of development task relevant to each task -please include manhour cost estimate for each task/feature and the technology for development -website/app platform requirement analysis document including a breakdown of tasks for project execution and each task manhour. -Please include the technology (language, framework) recommended for development of each task/module and the reason you recommend this technology comparing to other technologies and how it will reduce risk as well cost of project execution on short and long term -Total Manhour for project execution -Total resources for project execution including failure contingencies -Breakdown and Total Duration of Project Execution including Project Execution Gant chart If you require any extra information please make your engineering assumptions and state the assumptions in your proposal. Your proposal should be in high level accuracy and detail and presented in a professional template for submission to a large professional engineering and management organization. Thank you very much for your support and effort in advance.

Skills Required:

devis  eric
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$1,000.00 in 10 days
$1,000.00 in 10 days

i can do it efficiently.

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