Hotels Booking Phone App

Hotel booking app for android/iphone similar to airbnb. The app is divided into three parts: Hotel Owner app Administration app Guest app. The following checklist of features should be available. -The screen for booking the accommodation -User registration for new clients on the platform -Push notifications to notify users regarding updates and useful information -A messaging system that can help travelers communicate with hotels and other service providers. -A cancellation policy through which guests can easily modify or revoke their reservations. -The ability to book a stay and also support for payment of outstanding bills. -A special admin panel to monitor the transaction between the hotels and the guests. -A simple and convenient search facility through which guests can find the desired hotel or other services. Details for users: -Map -Pricing -Image gallery showcasing the hotel and its rooms -Basic information regarding the hotel -Book Now button -Option for adding the property to the user’s favorite list -A list of reviews -More information regarding the various facilities available in the hotel and the room in general.

Skills Required:

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$1,500.00 in 10 days
$1,500.00 in 10 days

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