Food Delivery Drivers App

Android & iOS App. Find My Driver Food delivery drivers Shop View - Shops should be signed up by an admin or approved by an admin before they go live. - Show the shop the Number of Drivers available (Number of drivers set to logged in and active) - Find My Driver button. Enter Destination Postcode. Calculates a delivery charge based on the mile radius from the shop to customers postcode. Shows the delivery charge plus fees. Shop must accept the fees. It will then notify all active drivers and show what they will be paid (delivery charge) for this delivery. - Shop pays the drivers directly in cash for the delivery fee. Our apps fee will be taken off the shop by debit card. - Shop should see a history of what orders have been sent, which driver accepted each delivery and how much they have paid for that day (and previous days) for drivers. - Shops can rate the driver between 1 and 5 stars for speed and service. - Shops can also ban drivers from their store so the driver is no longer able to see their available deliveries available or work for them. Driver View - Drivers profile shows their star rating, previous shops work been done for, total accepted deliveries vs total deliveries completed - Drivers league table of best rated - Driver is notified any time a shop is looking for a driver if they are set to active. - Drivers are shown a list of which stores and deliveries are available to accept. - Once driver accepts, the stores are shown which drivers have accepted and they can decide which driver they want go go with. - Drivers then must tell the store how long it will take them to get to the store, 5mins, 10mins, 15mins. The shop can track this using GPS on a map. - Once the driver has arrived and collected the food, the driver will have buttons available 'Food collected' 'Food delivered to customer' and the app will track the time it took the driver to get to their destination and deliver the food. - If it is a cash payment, the driver must return to the store and give the store the money for their order. Once the store is happy with the delivery the 'delivery fee' will be transferred to the drivers 'virtual wallet' so they can see how much cash they have earned that night. - Drivers cant be double booked with other shops. Maybe shop has 60 seconds to accept the drivers or the driver becomes free to other shops for use again. This will need an iOS, Android and admin panel. We should use paymentsense payment gateway to take payments from the shops at the end of every night.

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