Develop Woocommerce membership solution for salon/spa

We are bound to using woocommerce for payment provider. We are looking to replace a 3rd party booking system for a "salon" using any or all of the woo plugins needed (memberships, groups, credits/coupons, etc) - looking for advice to set up framework using woo to do the following:

Salon is a "float spa" with 3 rooms. Each room can take one person. Other fixed time services include a massage chair and a facial, also at fixed times and one person at a time. Each float room has fixed times on each day of the week. When people book they often want to book for more than one person (each person gets a room).

They need to be able to buy and use giftcards that can be used for certain activities. For example a giftcard may be for 3 floats and 2 massage chair sessions, and if one float is used, the other credits should remain in the customer account or on the giftcard.

Web booking with customer cancellation rules need to be possible.

Monthly memberships that include various packages such as: 4 floats and 4 massage chair credits per month ---- or 2 floats per week - with recurring billing through woo payment gateway.

Nice way to sell giftcards that people can print off or send digitially - or pick up in store if they want a paper one.


The main problem seems to be the typical woo booking/memmerbship plugins only allow direct bookings of activities.... or... memberships that allow unlimited access to activities.... if a customer has a membership or a giftcard and cancels, it should put the credit back in their account.

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