Customer Booking System

I am after some software which will do the following Allow to add a new client to a customer database Allow for a newsletter system which will allow for an automation system where a customer can choose selections from a drop down which will then connect them to a precreated automation of emails. An event creator which will create a pdf for customers to which they can confirm once confirmed it will add to a Calender as a confirmed event. When customer confirms contract I would like to have the up address show as a signature. Invoice creation for confirmed event which will be emailed as a pdf. Would like a section where customer is able to upload their own logo for their invoices and confirmations. Reports to show how much has been earnt from bookings or work. A calendar which will export to Google Calander or any other Calander including outlook etc. This will have all the Expenses area where a customer can add their expenses. Sage integration or quickbooks so customer can add to their accounts. I would like people to be able to sign up for this website with a subscription. Other functions will include making template emails and sending them via customs own pop3 or our own email service. Would like to have email templates that can be set to activate when a booking is confirmed. I would like to have a selection where a customer is able to integrate a contact form to the website which will automatically generate the customer in the client database. I would like a section where the customer when using their mobile device they can use whatsapp or sms to send a message to customers. When a customer signs up for this software in would like to give them an option to choose their business type entertainment or plumber etc which will have a differant layout of the app for that business type. Also if we could import contacts via csv file this would be great. There are a few more functions I would like but this is just the core for this website.

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$1,000.00 in 10 days

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