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What we’re building We are seeking a WordPress developer to create a mobile-first platform for hosting modular content. The platform will filter content most relevant to users based on a brief survey and data collected from users’ interactions with the platform, including rating content or saving it to a list of favorites. We have a design (link:

) we want to build, test and observe the results. In addition to the platform itself, we need to develop a collection of seven WordPress templates based on our design that can be used to create the content. Module templates will support basic interactions and animations such as accordions and choice-based content display. Our process • We’ll do a daily huddle to see what got done and make adjustments as necessary • This is a 2-3 week contract to build out a functional prototype of the site • There’s an opportunity to extend this into a broader engagement if our user testing goes well Who we’re looking for: • Mobile-first experience • Experience creating accessible content conformant with WCAG 2.1 • Available to meet daily sometime between 9AM – 4PM ET Here’s our strongly preferred (though not obligatory) tech stack for WordPress sites: 1. PHP 7.4 2. TailwindCSS — for CSS styling 3. AlpineJS — for most JavaScript interactions (not jQuery) 4. Webpack — for asset bundling 5. Timber or Sage — for theme development 6. We prefer to use common WordPress plugins like Advanced Custom Fields etc., along with custom plugins where necessary. 7. Github — for source code control We target Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox for browser compatibility, with a mobile-first approach to design.

Skills Required:

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$2,000.00 in 20 days
$2,000.00 in 20 days

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