Build an app similar to Instagram

Environment: React Native or Ionic for mobile apps Node.js or PHP for server-side development Angular or Vue.js as an alternative to React.js Sign-up and sign-in Allow users to sign up for and sign in to your app via existing social media accounts (such as Facebook accounts). Content uploading Make uploading content fast and seamless, and add a text form under photos so users can create engaging posts. Photo editing Simple crop functionality or a couple of filters will work for your MVP Likes and comments Help users interact with each other on your platform. Search bar Keyword-based search will help users find interesting people and photos with hashtags and locations. Location-based functionality Integrating your app with Google Maps or the Facebook Places API can improve the user experience and make your app competitive. News feed Show users content published by their contacts. Messaging functionality Depending on the purpose of your app, messaging may be optional. However, by looking at the example of Instagram, we can assume this feature may be valuable for acquiring and engaging users.

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$2,000.00 in 20 days

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