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The Ask: Looking for a tech provider to develop three (3) apps for a deliver rideshare/delivery service, not dissimilar to any of the current apps out there. Our MVP app will be native (iOS & android) and align with the common features of the following three (3) apps: · tech provider tech provider Consumer App · Driver App · Admin panel (including Dispatch panel) Expectation is that all Tech Stack/Integration/and requirements are captured and provided back to us along with the code at deployment. Timeline We are looking for support to have this in the market by Dec 2021 for a pilot. Between awarding of the business and then, complete testing would have been completed by you and passed UAT. About you · Australia based, prefered · Have direct experience in building a rideshare/courier app · Able to provide testimonials and references · Have used rideshare/courier apps · Ok with signing NDAs to proceed to follow-up discussions About us · Small team based in Melbourne, Australia · Outcome focused · Happy to work agile · Have partnered with tech providers to developed apps previously Next Steps Respond with a short statement on your experience with building a rideshare/courier app. Provide an indication on development costs and how you would commence this project with us. Provide a top line timeline of how the targeted in-market pilot date will be achieved.

Skills Required:

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$4,000.00 in 20 days
$4,000.00 in 20 days

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