127 Projects for you
  • Need Courier Driver Mobile app - I need to develop a android mobile app for my driver while delivering courier. 
  • Build Live Streaming App - I need to develop live streaming android or iOS app using AWS media services ,Lambda, Cloudfront. Conditions before bidding on a project 1....
  • Pen Scrolling Problem. - Problem: Fall Creators Update (latest version of Windows) changed the dominant behaviour of the pen from selection to scrolling.  Result: A...
  • Need a e-commerce website and android application - Hello I need a e-commerce website and android application.
  • Need to build iOS and Android Mobile App Developer - Want to hire Freelancer developer who can build iOS and Android mobile app for our ecommerce store. Our shopping cart platform based on shopify. ...
  • Business Messenger App for desktop and mobile platform - I need a messanger app with the following features 1. Basic features of messenger introduced in telegram app 2. Business reprensentative can ...
  • Business Card reader app - I need an iOS App which can scan business card and the information printed on it. 
  • Add functionality to android app - These are the major functioanlity would be add   1. Admin login chart 2. Excel sheet generate 3. Plot geojson on map  
  • Build iOS and Android app for shopping cart - I want to hire an app developer who can build Android and iOS app for my e-commerce store. Our shopping cart platform is working on Shopify.
  • I need app developed for cosmetics - I want to get build an app for make-up. When any user upload picture then app automatically choose the best shade of powder among we have. I can...