35 Projects for you
  • Product images upload on website - Product 500 images only upload on website , seo decription is already there.
  • Fix Wordpress Two Error - This is a small task I will share details in chat
  • Live schedule viwer - Create a UI to view the usage of test rigs with a live time bar at an hour clock level.
  • Python project - finish this python project in 60 hours and message me for details.
  • a brand new map - this map tool, no longer provides navigation alone, but a security index evaluation tool 
  • Gravity Java simulation - Objective You will write a JAVA program that simulates the motion of N objects affected by gravitational  forces and animates the results. T...
  • Drupal developer - Drupal developer with strong back-and front-end experience. 
  • MS access mysql php - Software information: Apache 2.2.12 PHP: 5.3.17,used functions must be PHP7 compatible! MySql: 5.5.46 use of UTF8mb4 unicode HTML5 UTF8 Jquer...
  • Page Monitor Connected Through To Discord - Hi, I need a group of 200+ page monitors running on different sites an different links. I need these page monitors to send a message/notification t...
  • PHP Video Chat Site - User Story This subscription service is composed of different types of users: • Administrators • Organizers • Users Users of this su...