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I would like to start that I have a real passion for coding and that fuel my sense of purpose. My journey started at the time I studied mathematics. On one day I decided to visit a C++ lecture that immediately caught my attention. I was totally captured so I finished up my basic studies in mathematics and started to study computer science. During my last two semesters I decided to specialize in the fields of machine learning and computer vision which I have been employed in at an AI company since I graduated. Apart from practicing my trade I gained tremendous experience and knowledge in agile principals and testing. The Srum and XP techniques acquired during the last two years put me in great stead for my future growth in this field. I am efficient in the following programming languages: Pyhon, Java, Javascript, C++,C and PHP. I am convinced that version controlled containerized applications in an environment of continuous integration and deployment are essential in our day and age to give any developer a competitive edge. Tools like git and Docker therefore became part of my toolkit. My goal for 2020 is to connect with like minded professionals to take on additional new and exciting projects to improve my skillset.

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